The Capt. : Honorable and determined, the Capt. never turns down a person in need even if his decisions are somewhat questionable. As frustrated as he gets with his crew's endless shenanigans, he still carries a soft spot for them...which is why they will NEVER admit to not knowing his actual name.   

Scrub (Hebert Scrubjay): Dubbed the "BEST Pilot in the known Verse" Scrub has his downfalls. He can maneuver through some of the toughest situations, yet can still forget to "gas up" before the next trip.

Shy:  She's one of the toughest ladies in the Verse, Shy never turns down a good "scrap". She tries her best to help the Capt. with his "short comings" in the decision making world and just goes with the flow of chaos that always ensues. 

Janie: Basically what Shy has in self control, Janie lacks altogether. She's a gun loving, crazy merc that's pretty much just along for the thrill of the ride. Her one vice is her pom pom hat.

Kathy: Having a very misleading name, Kathy has built a reputation for being one of the toughest space craft mechanics in the Verse. There isn't a craft HE can't fix!

Jebadiah: No one really knows much about this man and his religion, heck, they're not even sure why he's on board! All they know is that he has many strange abilities.

Doc Graydon: Even though he is a classically trained medical professional, Doc Graydon has a crazy "mad scientist" flare about him. One minute the man is patching up a wound, the next he's putting two heads on one body. The Capt. tries to keep a close eye on the man.

Orinoco: This creepy girl is Doc Graydon's little sister. She tends to stay hidden most of the time, spying on the crew. Most of the time she just creeps everyone out, but it's unintentional on her part. After all, it's pretty hard to control the psychic energy that flows through her at such a young age.

Annastasia: The bonafide  space hooker! She has a beautifully classy name to contradict her rather ghetto personality. Despite her unrefined attitude, this lady is considered high class by the FNA and her presence allows the Lightning Bug to fly under the ratings.