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New Page, Finally!

Sorry for the wait guys, been having to get settled in a new studio so bare with me! Or pledge some support on out Patreon! Either way, we’ll keep chugging along as best as we can!

New Page Day!

Again, sorry for the delay but expect Tues’ to be a bit dodgy since things are a rather chaotic for the time being! I’ll do my best to make it weekly but it may be every other week!

Double Page Day

I did a double upload this week in honor of Labor Day! Enjoy!

Tues Upload

Yeah it's an hour early but tomorrow is a busy day so enjoy! And please subscribe to us on


First Four

The relaunch is upon us! The first four pages are up, and as usual uploads happen on Tues, including tomorrow!


With the release of Vol.2 just right around the corner, I'd like to take this moment to address our fans. I thank EACH and EVERY one of you for subscribing and reading our adventure. Now, if you'd like to become part of this project please take a moment to review our Patreon, (pretty please!) Because for as little as $1 a month you can help keep us flying to bring you entertainment! It keeps our fuel tank full.  And for that tiny $1 you will earn exclusives, such as more updates, VIP viewings of each comic page, behind the scenes work and even a chance to win an original sketch from the artist! So you get a lot of bang for your buck!

Thank You,




I know it's been a while since I posted an update on here. Most of the updates have been going to my patrons, curious check out Patreon . I'll be doing my first small convention this weekend, I've been training under some influential comic book professionals to become a better creator in the industry. Vol.2 is going to be released soon, very soon, so enjoy reading Vol. 1 for now because it will come down to make room for the next edition. I'm aiming to start getting pages up within the next couple of weeks, to give you a time frame. And that about sums it up! Busy busy busy!


For Broke Fans!

Alright, for the fans that can't afford to become patrons on the #Patreon account, I have created a small Etsy shop with some of the wallpaper downloads and print downloads that are available to purchase for a small fee. I did this because obviously places like Redbubble and Society 6 are very expensive for products so I wanted to create something not quite so pricey for fans.  Keep in mind, as a patron awesome stuff like this is automatically yours every month! Anyway, these funds will also help keep us flying so check out the shop: TAKE ME TO DA SHOP

We're Back!

Alrighty guys! The newest post is up and the comic continues!


Just a Reminder

Lightning Bug posts shall return 9/13 !!!  Also please check out our patreon,  if you'd like to become part of this project :)



Nearing The End

This week's post is up! We are nearing the end of Vol.1 and I just want to say thank you for all of your support! Requests have been heard, and if you have it in you to support us on Patreon, we thank you! Patrons get VIP access to the newest pages and news, so it's got some perks! You also have a better chance of having your voice heard, I thank you all for the input on this project and just know that Vol.2 is going to be 10 times better! I will also be adding and changing some perks on Patreon as well. You guys can keep an eye on that at or just click the Patreon Link on our tab! Thank you again and I hope you all enjoy the rest of this Vol. 1 journey!



Character List

Alright, I put up a list of the Serendipity's crew on the "About" page. I'd like to put images with the list but this web design software sucks and I'm not a "coder". Luckily, I'm looking at overhauling this website and putting it in a traditional webcomic format. I know some of you really dislike this webpage design.



This Week's Post

The new page is up, just in time for you guys to deal with your hangovers at the office! We shall keep you entertained! ;)