Hey Browncoats! Few Updates

First of all, the script for Vol.2 is nearly done! So pretty soon Vol.1 will be coming down to make room for Vol.2! Secondly, Booster has extended the campaign to help these folks, we just gotta sell 2 more shirts! So if you love the design then please PLEASE purchase one! Give it as a gift for the Holidays! https://www.booster.com/be_weird  

Also, there are some original sketches for sale up in Etsy, if you're curious check them out! https://www.etsy.com/shop/jlp484

Happy Thanksgiving!

Writing of Vol.2 is progressing quite nicely! I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!


Stay Tuned

I'm currently working on the writing for Vol. 2 so please have patience and enjoy reading Vol.1 a few times because it will be coming down as soon as Vol. 2 starts. 



Final Page for Vol.1

The final page for Vol. 1 has now been posted! I hope you guys stick around to read Vol. 2!  I'm still planning it out but please spread the word to any Firefly fans out there! Vol. 1 will be coming down once Vol. 2 starts, so read it while you can!


Happy Halloween

The new page is up!!! I hope you all had a shiny Halloween!

Show Some Browncoat Love

Hey guys, I put together a t-shirt campaign to raise some funds for good folks in need! I have to sell at LEAST 10 tshirts for people to get their orders, yes I designed these shirts. They represent the celebration of our unique qualities.  So please spread the word, or if you like, buy a t-shirt because it goes to helping some really amazing people! CLICK HERE


For the Fans

Alrighty shiny fans! As this Vol. 1 comes to a close I am reaching out and asking you what favorite Firefly or Serenity moments would you like to see happen in this comic?! I wouldn't mind knowing what cameo roles you'd like to see as well. I'm asking because, even though this is a parody comic, it was created to keep the spirit of your favorite show alive, therefore I really want to know what my audience is eager to see happen in this comic.  You can leave comments on here or CLICK HERE



Time to get excited! This week's post is up! :D

New Post

Alrighty, newest page is up for you guys!! :D

New Page 55

This week's page is up guys! Enjoy!

Perks of becoming a Patron


Perks of becoming a Patron

So as you guys follow this comic, you've probably noticed mention of becoming a patron through Patreon. Doing this helps support the growth of this comic, and in return you can grab some awesome perks! Like this fellow here. An original ink sketch from the creator of the comic! 


Getting Closer

Page 54 is up and ready for you folks!


'Allo everyone! I am in the process of transferring domains and work with this webhosting so the page MIGHT go down for a few days, DO NOT WORRY! If it does go down we WILL be back up and running soon! Everything is a process! And IF it does go down, You can STILL get comic updates on  TUMBLR  TAPASTIC and WEBTOONS until the site is back up! OR...you can become a PATRON and get access to the comics before normal posting days! ;) Just gotta throw that in there for ya!

For Broke Fans!

Alright, for the fans that can't afford to become patrons on the #Patreon account, I have created a small Etsy shop with some of the wallpaper downloads and print downloads that are available to purchase for a small fee. I did this because obviously places like Redbubble and Society 6 are very expensive for products so I wanted to create something not quite so pricey for fans.  Keep in mind, as a patron awesome stuff like this is automatically yours every month! Anyway, these funds will also help keep us flying so check out the shop: TAKE ME TO DA SHOP

We're Back!

Alrighty guys! The newest post is up and the comic continues!


Just a Reminder

Lightning Bug posts shall return 9/13 !!!  Also please check out our patreon, www.patreon.com/lightningbug  if you'd like to become part of this project :)