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Perks of becoming a Patron

Perks of becoming a Patron

So as you guys follow this comic, you've probably noticed mention of becoming a patron through Patreon. Doing this helps support the growth of this comic, and in return you can grab some awesome perks! Like this fellow here. An original ink sketch from the creator of the comic! 

Getting Closer

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'Allo everyone! I am in the process of transferring domains and work with this webhosting so the page MIGHT go down for a few days, DO NOT WORRY! If it does go down we WILL be back up and running soon! Everything is a process! And IF it does go down, You can STILL get comic updates on  TUMBLR  TAPASTIC and WEBTOONS until the site is back up! can become a PATRON and get access to the comics before normal posting days! ;) Just gotta throw that in there for ya!

For Broke Fans!

Alright, for the fans that can't afford to become patrons on the #Patreon account, I have created a small Etsy shop with some of the wallpaper downloads and print downloads that are available to purchase for a small fee. I did this because obviously places like Redbubble and Society 6 are very expensive for products so I wanted to create something not quite so pricey for fans.  Keep in mind, as a patron awesome stuff like this is automatically yours every month! Anyway, these funds will also help keep us flying so check out the shop: TAKE ME TO DA SHOP

Page 53!

Alrighty guys! It's that time again! Page 53 is up!

Help a Girl Out!

I designed this wallpaper/poster to help this young lady's family raise some funds as she battles cancer! Please spread the word and check out this : CLICK HERE TO HELP

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Just a Reminder

Lightning Bug posts shall return 9/13 !!!  Also please check out our patreon,  if you'd like to become part of this project :)

New Post and Delayed Posts

Alright, this week's post is up and the posts shall resume regular schedule Tues. 9/13 unless you're a patron, in which case you'll probably get access to the next post a few days sooner depending on my return. Meanwhile, if this site goes down DON'T freak out, it will be back up within a few days. We'll be switching hosts and what not so things might get a little cray cray. Just a forewarning of things to come.

This Site

Alright folks, this site is probably about to go through some major redesigns very soon since our subscription is up in a few weeks. Now aside from that, I will be on a small vacation, and this site might actually go down for a few days while the switch over is made. Don't worry, you'll be able to read this comic in a few places: We're on  We're on Webtoons  and we're also on Tapastic so take those addresses down as a back up while changes are being made on here.


Hi guys, the newest page is up and also I want to take this time to let everyone know that our registration is almost up for this website. I'm going to look into transitioning to a different service that's less draining on the pocket because I pay for all costs of creating this comic, however, if I can't gain the fandom I need to maintain this comic...well...I might close up shop. I am VERY happy to have the fans that I have, so please try to spread the word of this comic...that's all that I ask.   Thank you again! Much love to you guys!

Good News Everybody!

Society 6 just picked our Blue Skies print to be placed in their main online store! Honored to have been chosen for that! You guys can check it out here: 


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It's Tuesday! So the newest page is up folks!

It's That Time

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Posting Day!

Technically it's Tuesday so the newest post is up for you guys!

Nearing The End

This week's post is up! We are nearing the end of Vol.1 and I just want to say thank you for all of your support! Requests have been heard, and if you have it in you to support us on Patreon, we thank you! Patrons get VIP access to the newest pages and news, so it's got some perks! You also have a better chance of having your voice heard, I thank you all for the input on this project and just know that Vol.2 is going to be 10 times better! I will also be adding and changing some perks on Patreon as well. You guys can keep an eye on that at or just click the Patreon Link on our tab! Thank you again and I hope you all enjoy the rest of this Vol. 1 journey!

Character List

Alright, I put up a list of the Serendipity's crew on the "About" page. I'd like to put images with the list but this web design software sucks and I'm not a "coder". Luckily, I'm looking at overhauling this website and putting it in a traditional webcomic format. I know some of you really dislike this webpage design.