Hey guys, I’m sorry for the lack of page posts lately but life has been hectic with work and clients creating even less time for me to work on personal projects like this one. Don’t worry, the comic is still going. I just haven’t had time to finish the next page! I just wanted to touch base and let you know what’s going on.

New Page

Yay! NEW PAGE is up!

New Page, Finally!

Sorry for the wait guys, been having to get settled in a new studio so bare with me! Or pledge some support on out Patreon! Either way, we’ll keep chugging along as best as we can!

Status Update

Alright foiks! I’m getting settled into the new place and getting the studio up and running once more so I can get back to page updates on here!

Update for the New Year

Alright guys! I’m in the middle of having to move locations and I won’t be completely settled until the first week of Feb. I just want you guys to know that I may not be able to get back to regular updates on the comic until I’m settled into the new place.

New Page!

Finally posted the newest page! Sorry guys, I’m working on many different projects so expect sporadic updates with this comic. I’m doing my best to update as often as possible.

New Page Day!

Again, sorry for the delay but expect Tues’ to be a bit dodgy since things are a rather chaotic for the time being! I’ll do my best to make it weekly but it may be every other week!


Sorry guys, aside from getting plundered with work, we had fires to deal with. Working to get back on track for everyone.

New Upload

Sorry for the delay, things are fairly hectic around here. Anyway, the new page is up!

Tues Upload

Sorry I’m running a bit late today! The new page is up now!

Upload Day

It’s Tues, so the newest page is freshly uploaded for you!

Tues Upload

Well it’s midnight on the East coast, so technically it’s a Tues Upload!


Just so you guys are aware, I do have merch! Prints and what nots for sale. There will be newer items in the near future, when I get a bit more time to finish them. Anyway CLICK HERE for the goodies!

Double Page Day

I did a double upload this week in honor of Labor Day! Enjoy!

Tues Upload

About 60 mins early, depending on what side of the states you're on, but here's new page Tues!

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Tues Upload

Yeah it's an hour early but tomorrow is a busy day so enjoy! And please subscribe to us on



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