Tues Upload

Sorry I’m running a bit late today! The new page is up now!

Upload Day

It’s Tues, so the newest page is freshly uploaded for you!

Tues Upload

Well it’s midnight on the East coast, so technically it’s a Tues Upload!


Just so you guys are aware, I do have merch! Prints and what nots for sale. There will be newer items in the near future, when I get a bit more time to finish them. Anyway CLICK HERE for the goodies!

Double Page Day

I did a double upload this week in honor of Labor Day! Enjoy!

Tues Upload

About 60 mins early, depending on what side of the states you're on, but here's new page Tues!

Top Web Comics

Also, here's a direct link to vote for us on Top Web Comics! You can vote daily to help spread the word and get others interested!


Tues Upload

Yeah it's an hour early but tomorrow is a busy day so enjoy! And please subscribe to us on



Also guys, please subscribe to us on webtoons! It will help the comic and it's free! Plus you might like the website formatting! 


First Four

The relaunch is upon us! The first four pages are up, and as usual uploads happen on Tues, including tomorrow!

Date Confirmed

Despite the normal Tuesday uploads for this comic the Relaunch date will be this Monday! 8/20 so Stay tuned!

ReLaunch Date

The Relaunch is going to happen THIS month! Just keep an eye out for it. There will also be changes to the Patreon, so if you truly enjoy this comic please consider becoming a patron. 


For those of you who follow, I'm currently working on laying out pages to the new comic. It takes time considering I work all of the time. I will be making changes to the Patreon as well, the more patrons I get the more I can focus on bringing you guys new content. So just hold tight, this comic is going a nostalgia route.

Long Time

Alright, just a little update for those of you who don't follow on Patreon. The next comic is in the process of being written. You will notice some definite changes but hopefully still love it. I'm putting a touch of personal nostalgia to the comic. Stay tuned for sure.


As Promised

I've added the final page for this volume. Yes, the story was cut short and changed for many reasons. You'll also notice some changes in character design and layout. The character design isn't finalized but the way this comic will be made and the story will be different for sure. Sorry it took me so long to get this page up but the next issue will be completed entirely before the uploads start. So if you're following along, stay tuned for everything since it's just me handling ever aspect of this comic it takes a lot of time. 

Best Wishes in this New Year!


Big Changes

Yes, I know I'm taking a while for that final page. I'll get it finished as soon as I can! I'm posting this to tell you guys that there will be BIG changes coming in the New year. That is all for now. Stay tuned.

Long Time

After being buried under piles of work, I finally managed to get a page done! The comic is about to take a new direction so hold tight!

New Page

Sorry it's a little late this week, and might be next week as well. I'm quite booked up with work right now.